After noticing the serious pollution caused by certain steps of jewellery manufacturing, I tried to explore and imagine the future mode of production.

According to the long lasting fascination of the idea that plant can grow treasure in Chinese mythology. I combine some features of plants with the jewellery production process and conceive of a series of plants that can be applied to the jewellery production.
Within jewellery production, molding, casting and electroplating are three of the most polluting process. These processes produce waste rubber, wax, plaster and effluent which are difficult to recycle and somtimes toxic.

Step 1. Molding

Step 2. Casting

Step 3. Plating

Molding Plant
Styrofoam, resin, 2017
Casting Plant
Styrofoam, paper, resin, 2017
Plating Plant
Styrofoam, paper, resin, 2017

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