We, Human beings, regard ourselves as the most evolved species. Having spent tens of thousands of years hiding our animalistic nature, somehow we still have to design machines and tools used as extension of body to empower ourselves with those abilities lost in our development.

This contradiction is clearly shown in car design, especially in the biomimicry aspect. In this project I analyse the existing biomimicry elements within car design. By exaggerating those elements,
I’m trying to turn cars from an enclosed machine into a body attachment empowering human with speed and power. In this case, I propose that the future of the car, instead of purely pursuing technology advances, should look for something more permeable, something more like a fitting structure and breathable skin.

Through my work, I am questioning while technological and industrial development is pushing humans away from nature, whether is it still imperceptibly guiding humans to follow their animalistic instincts and the laws of nature?

Above: Skeletons of future car shape, car as a body attachment.
Around 250mm*120mm*100mm each, iron, tin.
Below: 1:1 scale model of a possible breathable car surface.
1500mm*750mm*430mm, steel, pvc.
Below: Reserch illustrations. Source images from the internet.

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